Do you have a child or adolescent that has Behavioral/Intellectual/Mental issues or may be caught up in the Department of Children and Families (DCF) and have endured physical/mental/emotional abuse, or the shock of removal from their home.   


 Are you active duty military, a Veteran, law enforcement officer, first responder or family member, intimate partner, caregiver, or friend of one? Do you have difficulties overcoming anxiety, depression, PTSD, stress, or traumatic events? Does abuse, addiction, anger, or violence exist in your relationship? 

I can assist in developing coping and stress management skills. I can help lessen the impact of stressors and traumas so they can be managed or resolved. I can teach effective strategies for setting boundaries. Most important with dedication your Self Awareness, self-esteem, and self-worth will rise to the level it should be.

Make an appointment today so we can build a new and more positive direction in life.

Axiomatic Counseling Services Empowering Individuals and Families in our community.